Walk with the donkeys

During the week, Hubert will take the donkeys for a walk, and you are welcome to join him. The walk is not too far so that the little ones can join in as well. During the week, there is always an opportunity to help feed the donkeys and goats.

Flexibility course *

Every Monday and Thursday at 8:30am, our personal trainer Clwyd will give our vacationers a combination of yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates classes by the pool. It's just a great way to start your day.

Art Studio*

Every Wednesday morning, Chantal will have an art class for all the children, followed by a pancake lunch at noon. Parents have the morning to themselves to visit the market in Sarlat etc., or they can join in to help their children.

Archery and petanque

You can't leave Les Bernardies without trying archery or petanque. At the end of the afternoon, when the heat is off, we will take anyone who wants to try. And maybe there is a real champion among us.

BBQ Sunday night*

Each Sunday we will have an informal dinner that our guests can sign up for. When the kids are done with dinner, they go off to play while the parents can still enjoy a relaxed dinner while meeting the other guests.

Pizza-night on Friday*

On Friday afternoons the kids can make their own pizzas to their liking and we will then prepare them for dinner on Friday night. This will give parents a little more time to prepare for a possible departure the next day and join us later for their pre-ordered pizza.


Wild harvest and land art